Nagase Suppon Farm

Suppon (soft-shelled turtles) raised in hot springs, and Hirayu Sakura cherry blossoms

Nagase Suppon Farm

At the foot of the northern Japanese Alps, the Nagase Suppon Farm raises soft-shelled turtles with plentiful natural thermal waters and mountain streams.

Suppon are used in cooking hotpot meals by the neighboring ryōkan Japanese-style hotels, and also processed into health foods that are popular nationwide.

In addition to health foods, the farm’s shop sells products containing powdered suppon that are very popular and available only at the store, such as cookies, candy, chocolates, and other items.

You can actually watch soft-shelled turtles swimming freely, and learn about the ecology and some suppon trivia by reading the interesting display descriptions.

From late April to early May every year, approximately 400 cherry trees are all in bloom on the adjacent site. It has become one of our tourist attractions in spring, called Hirayu Sakura.

Address: 362-1 Hirayu, Okuhida Onsengo, Takayama City, Gifu
Business hours: 8:00 – 16:30
Phone: 0578-89-2272
Parking: 15 standard-sized vehicles and 3 buses
Fee: Free
Official website:

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