Hirayu Footbath Park

The center of Hirayu Hot Spring Resort – a large footbath with the aroma of forest

Hirayu Footbath Park

Hirayu Footbath Park is located approximately a 3-minute walk from the Hirayu Bus Terminal. You are welcome to drop by and rest while waiting for your bus or after walking around town.

With the aroma of forest, the atmosphere is beneficial for rejuvenating both your body and your soul. Under the large and sturdy wooden roof, it is possible to use the footbath comfortably even while it is raining. You can relax and enjoy the natural surroundings of Okuhida, which is the quintessential attractive feature of the footbath. It is open 24 hours throughout the year and available without charge.

In the Hirayu Onsen area, there are several other footbath sites, allowing you to easily experience a hot spring along the route of your walk. It might even be enjoyable to go footbath-hopping, including the one next to the Hirayu Bus Terminal, another near the Mori-no-Todai located at the entrance of Hirayu-no-Mori, beside the entrance to the Hirayu Folk Museum, and other spots.

Phone: 0578-89-3030 Hirayu Onsen Tourist Information Center
Open: 24 hours throughout the year, but closed while cleaning for some time between 10:00 ~ 11:00 a.m.
Fee: Free
Access: Approximately a 3-minute walk from the Hirayu Bus Terminal