Hirayu Bus Terminal

Gateway to the northern Japanese Alps, with plentiful gourmet foods and souvenirs

Hirayu Bus Terminal

Hirayu Bus Terminal is a transportation hub in Okuhida Onsengo. Many people use the bus terminal throughout the year, not only as a connecting point for sightseeing Mt. Norikura and Kamikochi, but also as the transfer point between highway buses and the express buses to Shinjuku, Tokyo and Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture.

The bus terminal includes an air-conditioned waiting room, an automated ticket machine that accepts payments via credit cards and QR codes, a multilingual announcement system in English and Chinese, and other amenities that may be helpful for foreign tourists to travel with comfort.

At the adjacent facility of Alps Kaido Hirayu, you’ll find a shop selling souvenirs and specialty products of the Hida region, a restaurant that serves the special flavors of Hida Takayama, such as Takayama ramen noodles and Hida beef, and a bakery that offers delicious freshly-baked breads. You can enjoy both the food and the culture of the Hida region.

In addition, beside the bus station, a footbath is available without charge. Please feel free to try some of our Hida cuisine and the footbath while waiting for your bus.

Phone: 0578-89-2611 Alps Kaido Hirayu
Parking: 20 large buses and 100 private vehicles
Hirayu – Shinjuku: approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes
Hirayu – Matsumoto: approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes
Hirayu – Takayama: approximately 55 minutes
Official Website:“Alps Kaido Hirayu”