Shinhirayu Onsen

 Shinhirayu Onsen is located in the middle of Okuhida Onsengo and is a hot spring resort that developed along the main road running through Okuhida Onsengo.
 About 30 large hotels, inns, and lodges operate in the hot spring town.
 The hot spring area is home to Murakami Shrine (the tutelary shrine of Okuhida) and Zentsuji Temple, one of the stops on the Hida 33 Kannon Pilgrimage, where Enku (1623-1695; a famous Buddhist monk, poet, and sculptor) is said to have stayed. Okuhida Bear Park is also a short distance away.
 Along the Hirayu River are the Shinobu Landslide Prevention Barrier and Shinobu River Park. Here you can find Taruma Waterfall, where the famous Okuhida Taruma Water trickles, and Mozumo Shrine, where the god of marriage is enshrined and which has recently become famous for promoting romantic relationships as it is where the legend of Princess Taruma occurred.
 In winter, the Taruma Waterfall is lit up to create a magical atmosphere.

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