The largest outdoor bath in Okuhida, brimming with the feeling of openness


Hirayu-no-Mori is well known as the largest day spa facility of Hirayu Onsen. Its distinguishing landmark is the Mori-no-Todai, a traditional Japanese lighthouse in the forest, where a shallow warm water pool is located for soaking one’s feet. A total of sixteen open-air baths for men and women are interspersed throughout a vast area of more than 12 acres, approximately 50,000 square meters. Open-air bathing in forested hot springs will thoroughly satisfy you, filling you with a feeling of openness.

The indoor bath is large enough to accommodate thirty people, accentuating the atmosphere of a therapeutic spa reminiscent of an earlier era. You may also try a unique bath made of a huge iron pot for private bathing, requiring a reservation and 1,000 yen per person. Hirayu-no-Mori is the ideal place for easing the fatigues of travel.

After bathing, you may relax in the first floor resting area of a centuries-old, gassho-zukuri traditional A-frame house. On the second floor, there are guest rooms. In addition, other accommodations are available, including common Japanese-style and Western-style rooms, and five cottages located in the forest. The Mominoki Restaurant serves a variety of foods, such as the local cuisine of Hida beef with hōba miso (fermented soybean paste grilled on magnolia leaves), steamed rice, and side dishes for drinks. The restaurant is open to serve both overnight guests, and day visitors.

Hirayu-no-Mori also organizes various tour plans to fully experience the attractiveness of Okuhida Onsengo, for example, visiting famous sites of Hirayu Onsen, and snowshoeing in winter. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy the nature of Okuhida as it changes with each season?

Address: 763-1 Hirayu, Okuhida Onsengo, Takayama City, Gifu
Contact: 0578-89-3338
Fees: Day spa, adults 600 yen, children 400 yen
Accommodations 7,800 yen plus tax, on weekdays
Business hours: Day spa 10:00 - 21:00 (last entry at 20:30), open all year around
Free parking is available for 100 cars
Access: Approximately 3-minute walk from the Hirayu bus terminal
Official website:

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