Shinhotaka Onsen

 Shinhotaka Onsen is divided into three areas, Shinhotaka, Gamada, and Nakao, and is lined with pensions, guest houses, and inns. Some of the inns have huge open-air baths that take advantage of its high temperatures and abundance of hot water, as well as mixed-gender open-air baths, a sight which has become rare even in a traditional hot spring region like Okuhida.
 The communal open-air bath Shinhotaka no Yu, which charges a small fee for use, is located along the river and is popular as a secluded hot spring spot.
 Shinhotaka Onsen has the best mountain scenery among all the hot spring towns in Okuhida Onsengo. Enjoy panoramic views of its 3,000-meter-high mountains from the Shinhotaka Ropeway, which is known for having Japan's only double-decker
gondola, and the Kita Alps Ohashi Bridge.
 The Shinhotaka area is the gateway to the Hotaka mountain range of the Northern Alps, while the Nakao area has the entrance to Mt. Yake, making it the starting point and climbing base for mountain trails on Mt. Yake, Mt. Nishi-hotaka, Mt. Oku-hotaka, Mt. Yari, Mt. Sugoroku, and Mt. Kasa.

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