Tochio Onsen

 Tochio Onsen is home to a post office, daycare, fire station, and roadside station, all of which are necessary for the day-to-day lives of the people residing in the Okuhida Onsengo area.
 It is said that Tochio Onsen got its name from the fact that there were many horse chestnut trees ("Tochi" trees in Japanese) in the past. Several guest houses line the Takahara River and Gamada River, both of which are clear mountain streams that are popular among fishing fans.
 At the Takara Ryuro-ko River Park along the Gamada River is a shared open-air bath, Kojin no Yu, which is available for a nominal fee and is popular among men and women of all ages for its open atmosphere.
 In the firefly stream around the Hotaru no Yu footbath along Gamada River, you can see fireflies dancing in the beginning of July every year.

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