Mt. Fukujiyama

A scenic trek in a hot spring town

Mt. Fukujiyama

Mt. Fukujiyama is a 1,671-meter high mountain located on the west side of Fukuji Onsen in Okuhida Onsengo.
The mountain is easy to climb, with no dangerous sections along the trail. It takes about two and a half hours to reach the summit, making it an enjoyable trek for beginners.
The trail splits into the "ridge course" and the “valley side course” along the way, but the ridge course is the most popular offering the best views.
From the observatory, you can see Mt. Yake, Mt. Kasa, Mt. Norikura, and Mt. Yari, the Hotaka Mountain Range up close. The summit observation deck is wide open on the northeast side, offering a great view of the ridgeline, faces Mt. Yari and the Hotaka mountain range and the valley of Shinhotaka.
Fukuji Onsen, where Fukujiyama is located, is also home to many fossils. Many limestone boulders containing fossils can be found along the trail. You may find a fossil along the way, but you are not allowed to take them with you.
Please note that there are no toilets along the trail.

Parking: Available *At the end of the Fukuji Onsen Asaichi (Morning Market)
Directions: 1-minute walk from Fukuji Onsen bus stop on the Nohi Bus Hirayu/Shin-Hotaka Line
About 10 minutes by car from Hirayu Bus Terminal

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