Shinobu Dam Park

Take a moment to relax at a secluded spiritual place in Shinhirayu

Shinobu Dam Park

Shinobu Dam Park, located along the clear waters of the Hirayu River (also known as Mozumo River), is a healing spot in Shinhirayu Onsen.
The park is famous as a place for matchmaking, where the Legend of Princess Taruma lives on. In the park, there is the Taruma Waterfall where the famous water of Okuhida "Taruma Water" drips, a plaza and walking path decorated with seasonal flowers, footbaths using Taruma Water, and the Mozumo Shrine enshrining the god of marriage.
There are many “goen-fuda” and “ema-fuda” on display, which are sold only in Shinhirayu Onsen, making it a popular power spot in Shinhirayu Onsen.
In winter, the Taruma Waterfall freezes and is illuminated with lights, while the inside of the Sabo Dam tunnel is fantastically decorated with tens of thousands of LED bulbs in the Taruma Kanekori Illumination event.
In addition, the Shinhirayu Onsen Taruma Soba Festival is held twice a year in spring and autumn. In the spring, you can enjoy Kawadoko Soba, buckwheat noodles that have been stored in a natural cold and dark place in the sabo tunnel for six months to increase their umami and sweetness. In autumn, you can try fresh buckwheat noodles with buckwheat grown in Okuhida while admiring the views of the mountains in glorious red and yellow colors.

Contact: 0578-89-2614 (Okuhida-Onsengo Tourism Association)
Parking: None
Directions: 3-minute walk from Shinhirayu Onsen bus stop on the Nohi Bus Hirayu/Shin-Hotaka Line